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We Proudly Present~




After a year of waiting Resin Etiquette's Furniture is here!

We are proud to present our first pieces of our high quality hand carved furniture, which are on sale to the public for the first time.


Our Spoonback Chairs have had must praise and anticipation, and…

Very cool!  But just a heads-up, I’m not dropping money on any doll furniture - especially expensive high end doll furniture, which this clearly is, based on both the price and the quality of the craftsmanship - unless I can see a picture of it with some actual dolls in the scale for which it was intended.  Measurements are great, but they don’t always give an accurate a idea of whether or not the scale of an item is right for the dolls.  I know a lot of other collectors who feel the same way.

Understandable! Just to address this, all the pictures of the furniture with the dolls are on the store. Here’s just one example:

DollShe Saint in a Throne Chair

Many thanks! :3


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Melanie Martinez for Pidgin Doll
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cute dress - Rose garden

This makes me want to get my dolls out again *u*

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